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outside of your lifetime
outside of your lifetime

1. My Attitude My Horoscope 04:09

2. Moderato 03:57

3. Stuck in Pause 03:03

4. Mirror Behaviour 03:05

5. Fields of Grass 04:25

6. Infirmity of Temper 03:59

7. Greener 01:43

8. Astrid Sonne, Minais B - Palmistry 03:48

9. Tb Honest 03:17

10. Withdrawal 02:01


"outside of your lifetime" is released with 3 Playable rooms made by game designer Aske Zidore.

Visit www.astridsonne.com to explore.

Written, performed and produced by Astrid Sonne

"Palmistry" written, recorded and arranged by Astrid Sonne and Minais B.

Guitars on "My Attitude My Horoscope", "Fields of Grass" and "Tb Honest" performed by Tobias Kropp and Marie Louise Buch

Vocals on "Fields of Grass" performed by Tobias Kropp, Marie Louise Buch and Astrid Sonne

Mixed by Astrid Sonne and Tobias Kropp

Mastered by ET Mastering

Artwork based on sculpture by Aia Sofia Coverley Turan

3D model by Ioana Floris Ispas

Insert animation by Aske Zidore

Graphic design by Nis Bysted

Released with support from Koda's Cultural Funds and Statens Kunstfond.